Everybody wants the best for their child, but it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to decide what that means exactly for your child, and yourself. There are so many different types of education, and it can be very confusing as you try to work out which one to choose. Montessori education is one option, but it does offer many different benefits.


1. Hands-on Learning

Montessori classrooms are all about hands-on learning. Children can experience everything for themselves, and at their own pace. Learning is child-led and only guided by the teacher, which allows the child to develop the skills and strengths he or she has as an individual. The curriculum is focused on key stages of development to allow children to meet their milestones as productively as possible.


2. Socializing

Children are often interested in what other children are doing, and a Montessori education uses this to your child’s advantage. Mixed-age classrooms encourage peer learning, so your child learns and imitates other children. This type of learning also encourages children to learn how to work together, and respect each other.


3. A Lifelong Love of Learning

Children with a Montessori education develop a lifelong love of learning. As they learn at their own pace and develop their own skill sets, they have their natural curiosity and ability to connect with the world around them enhanced and encouraged.


4. A Sense of Independence

Montessori education also gives children a sense of independence. It gives children confidence and freedom. This fosters a greater sense of independence which they can carry throughout their lives. It’s not just the environment that encourages this independence, but even the way the lessons are planned. The lessons and activities available at each station are designed to be individual for each child and allows them to self motivate. The children can also learn how to take care of themselves, and how to take care of the world around them.


5. Open-Mindedness & Creative Thinking

Another benefit of Montessori education is that it encourages children to be open-minded and think creatively. They can understand that a problem doesn’t need to have only one solution, and Montessori teaches them to share their ideas, and come up with new solutions that the adult teachers may not have even thought of.


6. Order & Routine

Montessori education is child-led and child-focused, but it is not a free-for-all. There is a routine throughout the day, which is important to promote a child’s sense of stability. Each classroom item has its own place, and children put the items back where they belong when they have finished with them. This allows the child to focus on the activity they are doing at that moment, without distraction, and gain the maximum benefit from the learning process.


Now you know more about Montessori education & it’s a benefit. Let’s enrol your kids to the Young Explorer’s Montessori Playgroup program today!

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