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The Montessori Learning

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that children at the age of 0 to 6 years old are in the “creative period” of developing life. Within each child is an inner energy that guides him/her to manifest his/her potentialities. That is why Dr. Montessori advocated the importance of children’s freedom to choose activities within an environment especially designed to help them fulfill their needs. She developed the “prepared environment” that allows children to work based on their natural interest, at their own speed and capabilities. She pointed out the importance of children using their hands to work for their own development. She encouraged “purposeful movement” in children to build their confidence, which facilitate independence, setting a positive attitude toward the self as they go on to higher learning.

Our Approach

At Young Explorer’s Montessori Playgroup, we built such an environment to cater to the need for children aged 2+ to 6 years old to have freedom for self-directed learning. We offer a wide variety of activities pertaining to all facets of life into the classroom. The children are free to choose their own activities according to their own capacities and natural interest, and most importantly they work at their own speed. We strongly believe that only this will bring natural joy of exploration and the love of learning.

Practical Life

Practice pouring solids and liquids, caring for oneself and the environment, grace and courtesy.


Refine the senses through interaction with the apparatus provided.


Express oneself through art and music, introduce continents of world and people, botany, zoology, science experiments.


Acquire vocabulary through songs, stories, finger plays, ‘I spy’ game, prepare for writing, learn to read phonetically.


Learn counting and the concept of the decimal system and the functions of 4 operations using concrete beads before introducing abstract numerals.

Montessori Playgroup Schedule

Young Explorer’s Montessori Playgroup is built for children 2 1/2 to 6 years old to have freedom for self-directed learning. We offer both half-day as well as a full-day program. Below are the schedule details:

Half-day program : Monday to Friday 9:00am – 1:00pm
Full-day program : Monday to Friday 9:00am – 3:15pm

Contact us for the latest Montessori Playgroup Calendar.

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More Fun with Young Explorer!

The Young Explorer’s Montessori Playgroup is that it is located right next to a full facility children’s gym that the children have access to as their playground for half an hour each day. The children will have opportunities to strengthen their bodies, and most importantly, they will have fun!

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