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Montessori Playgroup - Mont Kiara

Montessori Playgroup

A play-to-learn environment to help kids develop necessary skills & encourage the healthy growth of physical & intellectual ability.

Adventure Maze - Young Explorer Gym

Aventure Maze & Playground

An adventure play experience with safe & fun indoor play facilities that made of natural material to stimulate the adventurous spirit for the kids!

Gymnastic Gym For Kids - Mont Kiara

Gymnastic Gym For Kids

Introducing gymnastics to kids in a safe, guided & non-competitive environment to develop exceptional strength & flexibility among kids.

Young Explorer School Trip

Young Explorer School Trip

Let the kids take a day off from the classroom & learn while playing with the most exciting indoor playground & other thrilling activities.

Party & Private Functions - Mont Kiara

Party & Private Functions

500 sq. ft. room for any private events at our centre! From birthday parties, baby showering, school excursion to company activities.

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