What is “YEah!” time slot in the gymnastics gym schedule?

YEah!” time slot is a free play time only for those who are currently enrolled in our gymnastics classes.

What is “OpenGym” time slot in the gymnastics gym schedule?

OpenGym is a gym time slot open to the general public. It utilizes a gymnastics gym when there is no classes and parties. The OpenGym schedule is highlighted in the gymnastics schedule. Admission is for 6 years old and below with parent constant supervisions required. Both members and non-members pay a nominal fee for use of the facility.

Do you cater for events/parties?

We do cater for private events and parties. Availability is based on a first-come, first-served basis with a non-refundable deposit payment required to secure a party/event time slot. Please refer to our Parties and Functions page for more information on the pricing and packages available.

What is early enrolment?

Early enrolment applies to Gymnastics Gym Classes only. Early enrolment is a discounted term fee whereby the enrolment and payment are being made before a term starts. The early enrolment periods are usually valid for two weeks before the starts of a term. It is up to management discretion as to when the appropriate early enrolment period is.

Do you prorate if I sign up after the term started?

Yes. We do prorate the term fee after the term starts i.e. you will only be paying for the remaining classes in the term.

Do you offer holiday camp?

Yes. We do offer a holiday camp during the term or school break. Stay tuned for our Young Explorer Holiday Camp in our Latest News & Events!

Do you allow make up classes?

Yes, make up classes only apply to Gymnastics classes. We allow make up classes but only to those who had informed us earlier so that the arrangement can be made. Please be informed that late notice for a make up class will not be entertained.

Do you wear socks in Gymnastics Gym?

We do not encourage the kids to wear socks during class in the Gymnastics Gym due to safety reason as it may be slippery on the mats and apparatus. However, parent/adult accompanying the child should wear socks in order to create a better hygienic environment for kids to play in.

What is the age group that you accept here in Young Explorer?

The age group that we are taking in for the Montessori Playgroup is 2½ to 6 years old. For the Gymnastics Gym, we basically start from as young as 1 year old and up to 12 years old; and for the Adventure Maze is starting from 3 to 12 years old.

What are the activities that you have in Young Explorer?

We have 3 different parts in Young Explorer, mainly the Montessori Playgroup, Gymnastics Gym, and an Adventure Maze.

How many kids do you have in one class?

We intend to have a low kids-instructor ratio. The ratio is 1 instructor to 8 children and a maximum of 12 children in a class which will be handled by 2 instructors. For the class with 12 children, they will be separated into 2 different groups in doing gymnastics skills to ensure children maximize their chance of getting involved.

Do the kids need to have their sport shoes or trainers on when playing in the Adventure Maze?

Yes. The kids must have their sports shoes or trainers on when playing in the Adventure Maze. Crocs and sandals are not allowed in the Maze area.

How long is the duration of the Gymnastics Gym class?

We basically run a 1, 11/2, and 2 hours structural class for the age group of Bees onwards. For the Junior Beans and Beans, it is a 45 minutes class.

What do the kids do in the gym class?

It is a structural gymnastics class whereby for the Junior Beans and Beans, there will be an instructor to guide the mommy/daddy on what to do on the Playland course and on some of the apparatus where it can help the kids to develop their motor and physical skills. For the age group of Bees and onwards, we will introduce more basic gymnastics skills such as rolling, simple gymnastics jumps or some basic acrobatic skills such as handstand, cartwheel and etc; and from there we will progress on as they improve based on their own ability and interest.

Do you offer trial classes?

Trial classes are for gymnastics only and it is absolutely free of charge. These should be arranged in advance.

What do the kids do in the Adventure Maze?

It is a free play area and there is no particular program or structural class for the kids in the Adventure Maze.

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