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Adventure Maze & Playground - The Young Explorer

Adventure Maze

The Adventure Maze is designed primarily using natural materials with the play facilities are active adventure facilities which incorporate timber, rope, steel, netting, slides, bridges and other similar activities. This maze is built for those who have an appreciation for aesthetic quality and an adventurous spirit for their children to explore. Unlike the schlocky plastic quality of ordinary children’s play areas, Young Explorer’s adventure maze stands apart to provide high-quality adventure play experience.


The enclosed maze structure starts with a more open geometric structure with multi-activity features and progressing into a spiral type structure with rising levels and difficulties of play passage. Different features such as flying fox, pyramid multi net island, floating leaves, net tunnels, slide etc, are incorporated with connecting adventure elements through a structure.

Indoor Playground - Adventure Maze & Playground
Adventure Maze & Playground - Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur

Join The Fun!

Children ages from 3 to 12 years old will find fun, physical challenges, new friends, along the way of the maze structure to play with. It offers them a good workout and a hangout place. Entrance into the adventure maze is charged per entry basis which is valid for 3 hours. There will be supervisors to guide them through the proper usage of the Adventure Maze elements. It is a requirement for children to wear sports shoes in order to play in the Adventure Maze. Slippers or socks only are not allowed!!

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