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How We Started

After extensive research, it is concluded that there is a lack of emphasis on the importance of both motor skill and cognitive developments during the early growing years of young children. Children in Asia predominantly being brought up cognitively only and many parents ignore the significance of children’s physical and motor skill developments. We are firm believers of the equal importance of cognitive and motor skill developments during children’s early years of learning. For a child to successfully develop motor skills, he or she must receive many opportunities to physically explore the surroundings.

With the above in mind, Young Explorer is founded to provide and create awareness on the importance of children’s early years of cognitive and motor skills developments. Young Explorer is a HYBRID gym that consists of a Gymnastics gym, a Montessori Playgroup, and an Adventure Maze. With more than 8000 square feet of area, children get to explore, play, jump, and most importantly have fun!

Our Features & Facilities

Child Safety Facilities

Designed For Safety

Our facilities are specially designed for kids, taking in an extensive safety consideration at all activities areas.

Trained Personnels

Trained Personnels

Always got your kids supervised by our trained personnel & coach in the activities areas so that you can keep a peace of mind!

Common Areas

Pantry & Common Areas

Parents can accompany their kids in the common areas while kids having some fun or simply grab yourself a drink at the pantry!

On-site Washroom for Kids

On-site Washroom

Kids don’t need to leave our centre if they need to answer the call of nature. Just use the washroom ready on-site!

Catered for Special Needs Child

Catered for Special Needs

Our programs & classes are catered for special needs child e.g. delay development & other physically challenged kids.

Passion & Experience with Kids

Passion & Experienced

Our passion & love toward happy child & their healthy development has led us today with a decade of experience.

The Best Child Enrichment Centre

The Best Child Enrichment Centre

Young Explorer Gym was an ambitious project when it started. Our team work together to build a one-stop child enrichment centre with the infusion of Montessori philosophy. With the indoor playground & gymnastics gym, we’re providing a better facilities & learning environment for the kids to learn & to play. We want to helps kids to develop not just their intellectual ability, but also the physical & motors skills development in the early stage. It will build a strong foundation for the kids before getting formal academic syllable that they will learn in primary school. Besides the facilities, our passion, knowledge, & experience in child developmental growth is what makes us the best in town. We truly understand the needs of these beautiful children, even for those who need additional cares.

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